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Gum Disease

What is gum disease?

Bacteria cause cavities, but all bacteria are not the same.  There are the cavity bacteria and there are the gum bacteria.  These germs can and do cause a LOT of problems that can take a long time to show up. When this bacteria starts to settle in it causes things like red, puffy gums, sometimes it causes gums to bleed when you brush your teeth.  That puffy reaction from your body is it trying to fight those bacteria.  That’s the start of gum disease or the technical term is Periodontal Disease.  That’s why it’s so vital to get your professional cleaning done at least twice a year.  Sometimes we recommend it even more often.  Some of our bodies are just more welcoming of those gum attacking germs.  What our cleaning does for us is it breaks up the tartar and plaque which is the byproduct of those bacteria. Yuck! And it doesn’t offer a very pleasant smell!

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