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Today’s Dental in Omaha has effective solutions to fix dental malocclusion, so you can have the beautiful smile you always dreamed of!


What Are Examples of Dental Malocclusion?

When you bite your teeth together gently, your upper and lower teeth are supposed to align together nicely. However, not everybody has perfectly aligned teeth. When the upper and lower teeth are not aligned correctly, the dentist calls it malocclusion. Malocclusion is common, has a number of causes, and can result in more dental problems down the road.You may have heard of these types of malocclusion. All of them deal with teeth that are misaligned in some way.

  • Overcrowding
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overjet
  • Impacted tooth
  • Missing tooth

If there is too much room or too little room when your teeth come in (when your teeth emerge through the gums and are visible), the teeth will then be forced to grow in an abnormal direction, creating misalignment.

Symptoms of Malocclusion

If you’re not sure if you have dental malocclusion, check this list of common symptoms.

  • You feel discomfort when chewing food
  • You experience migraines, neck, or jaw pain or aches
  • You often bite your cheek or tongue
  • You have some speech problems
  • You have noticed changes in your facial structure
  • Your smile looks crooked

If you can identify with some of these symptoms, you should talk about it with your dentist. Malocclusion is not just a cosmetic problem. This list of symptoms shows that they can create lasting problems that extend far beyond the appearance of your teeth.

Whatare Dental Malocclusions

Who Is at Risk for Malocclusion?

Malocclusion is often hereditary, which means if your parents have them, you might inherit that trait, too. Sometimes, malocclusion is caused by your jaw size. For example, your upper jaw may be larger than your lower jaw. Both your jaws might be too small for the size of your teeth, or vice versa.

Other people at risk for malocclusion include those who had severe jaw injuries that did not heal properly, people who wore dental appliances that did not fit well, and people who had tumors in their mouth or jaw. Infants who were born with cleft lip and palate are also susceptible to malocclusion.

Thumb-sucking and other childhood habits can lead to malocclusion

Malocclusion problems can begin at a very young age. Childhood habits, such as thumb-sucking and using a pacifier beyond the age of 3, can cause malocclusion. Most children develop some sort of sucking habit, but then they cease the habit after a year or two. The habits of thumb-sucking, sucking on a pacifier, bottle-feeding, and sucking on fingers negatively affect jaw development if they are severe and prolonged. The best sort of intervention for these childhood habits is giving your child a positive reason to want to quit. Talk to your dentist if you are concerned about your child’s oral habits.

How Today’s Dental Can Help with Malocclusion

Regular dental checkups are very important in the treatment of malocclusion. The sooner they are identified, the sooner your dentist or orthodontist can come up with a treatment plan. Treatments for malocclusion are most often performed in older children who have all their permanent teeth, but they are not limited to children. Many adults benefit from orthodontic treatments, too. They may be self-conscious about their crooked teeth, or they are fixing a problem that never got treated when they were younger.

Clear Aligner Trays

Today’s Dental offers Invisalign® clear aligner trays to patients with misaligned teeth. These removable trays are shaped to fit your teeth. You wear the trays in a certain succession, and over time, the trays gently move your teeth into correct alignment. Unlike braces, they can be removed when you eat or drink.

Want even more orthodontic options? Today’s Dental in Omaha has the right treatment for each person. Our staff will inform you of all your options, but we won’t be shy about recommending the one that we feel is the best solution for you. You can trust our knowledge and experience when it comes to finding the correct dental treatment.

Why Today’s Dental is a Great Place to Go for the Alignment of Your Teeth

Patients at Today’s Dental in Omaha enjoy our dedication to giving them a healthy smile that will last for years. We accurately diagnose your misalignment problems and give you a clear explanation of the treatment options that are available to you, including costs. If you don’t have dental insurance that will cover the costs of your treatments, check out the various financing options we offer to all our valued patients.

“Wonderful group! Asked me about my dental concerns and listened. They were able to get me in for a procedure as soon as possible. Provided a detailed dental procedure plan with associated costs, so there were no surprise charges. This dental office deserves five stars, and I highly recommend them.”

Juanita A.

“Everyone was very friendly and kind! I was very anxious, and they were very caring and did everything they could to help me relax and feel comfortable! They gave me several different treatment options and allowed me to decide which route I wanted to take for my dental care! I will most definitely be returning for any future care/needs necessary!”


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