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Root Canal

What is RCT?

Have you ever heard the story of someone having to get a Root Canal?  Admittedly, before we’re in the dental field, most of us thought this was the thing where the patient had to stay in the chair for hours and have twenty visits and a host of other bad things.  What is missing when we say Root Canal is the word Therapy. In the office we shorten it to RCT.  Root Canal Therapy.  The doctor is taking that infection out of the roots by relieving the pressure of infection.  Pretty scary sounding, right?  Granted, it used to be.  Now we have technology that helps the patient come see us for about an hour and they’re done!  Out of pain, ready to get some good sleep, and they feel like they had a filling done.  No big deal.  When you have an RCT you will more than likely need to get what we call a build up and a crown.  That protects the tooth from breaking.  If you think about a tooth and a tree being sort of the same, they both have roots. If a tree is dead it doesn’t go anywhere, but it does get brittle.  The same thing is true for a tooth that has had an RCT. They need protecting and that protection comes in the form of a crown.

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