Preventative Care for Children

Brushing Teeth At Home

Regular checkups by a dentist are essential for people of all ages.

It can prevent many serious issues with your teeth and gums. These checkups are especially important for young children whose teeth have a whole lifetime of smiles ahead of them.

  • Cavities or other dental issues can interfere with eating, speaking, playing, and learning
  • Studies show children with poor dental health may miss more school or even have lower grades

Like adults, it is recommended children visit a dentist twice per year to prevent cavities and other problems with their teeth and gums.

The friendly team at Today’s Dental will give your child a comprehensive evaluation at each visit.

  • Exam of teeth and gums
  • Evaluation of their jaw and oral development
  • Cleaning
  • X-rays (once per year)
  • Child-friendly education on brushing and flossing
Pediatric Check In
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