If you are experiencing any of the issues or symptoms listed below,
please call our offices right away to schedule an appointment.

Delaying emergency dental care could result in worsening symptoms or even tooth loss.

  • Injury or trauma to your jawbone
  • Teeth knocked out or missing
  • Swelling or uncontrolled bleeding (especially after recent dental surgery)
  • Severe toothache (pain)
  • Worsening active infection (increased redness, discharge, swelling)

Important: if your tooth or teeth are knocked out, please call our office right away so we can provide guidance for how to handle the teeth for the best chance of saving them. Whenever possible, we will try to save your natural teeth.

Never hold a tooth by the root if it falls out- always hold at the crown to reduce human contact with the root or if possible get into milk.

Don’t wait to see a dentist when you have a toothache or other dental emergency.

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