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Bad Breath / Halitosis

Bad Breath? We can help!

Bad breath is one of the signs of gum disease, but there are other reasons too.  

Food is the culprit!  Onions and garlic get a bunch of the blame.  But really any time we don’t get the food off (brushing twice a day) and out from in between (by flossing, ugh!) it starts to get stinky. And let’s talk about spit, aka saliva! Everyone’s favorite subject . . . But really, spit is our friend; it is constantly doing a rinse cycle on our teeth just like the dishwasher.  If we don’t have spit then our mouths don’t get that pre-rinse and things get dry.  Imagine how clean our dishes would get if we put them in the dishwasher without rinsing and then ran the cycle with no water.  Not gonna work. The dishes would be dirty. We wouldn’t put them away either, they would get stinky.   Medications can also make our mouth dry and lead to bad breath.  We could also have bad breath from an infection, tobacco products, etc. 

If you’re not sure, ask us.  We can help!


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