We provide our patients with a number to send a text message directly to their dentist when they have an urgent question. The patient and dentist can work together to come up with a plan for the patient’s specific needs in a timely manner.

Please provide the following information when you text your dentist — and send pictures of your problem if you have them:

  • First and last name
  • Are you a current patient?
  • Your date of birth
  • Your zip code
  • Best phone number to reach you
  • The problem you need help with
  • List of your allergies
Text A Dentist Phone


Dr. Stephanie Ebke 402-235-8344
Dr. Daniel Jones 402-302-0326
Dr. Sarah Meyer 402-285-2627
Dr. Collin Schoeppner 402-235-8182
Dr. Brent Rising 402-282-0516


Dr. Courtney Molettiere 402-235-6878
Dr. Heather Thorson 402-885-9383

Tranquility Park

Dr. David Masters 402-249-2481
Dr. Tailor Truman 402-431-2448


Dr. Kelley Carlson 402-277-8174
Dr. Stephanie Ebke 402-235-8344
Dr. Richard Whitman 402-302-0784


Dr. Daniel Jones 402-302-0326
Dr. John Marcuzzo 402-577-0539


Dr. Maria Cacho 402-277-9109
Dr. Gary May 402-277-9462
Dr. Mason Rasmussen 402-277-8716

Need Urgent Dental Care in Omaha?

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