Soft Teeth Treatment in Omaha

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Soft Teeth

Soft Teeth: Fact or Fiction?

Soft teeth sounds like an oxymoron. It’s a bit like saying “icy hot” or “seriously funny.” That’s because teeth are typically very hard. In fact, the enamel on the outside layer of teeth is made up of 96% mineral, making it the hardest substance in our bodies. So why do some people say they have soft teeth? In general, people with soft teeth have more problems with tooth decay and tooth breakage. You might hear someone claim to have soft teeth because their parents had soft teeth, meaning it is a genetic issue. This is a misconception. Each individual is in control of their own oral health. If you have soft teeth, you can come to Today’s Dental, and we will treat the issue so it is no longer a problem you need to worry about. Soft teeth actually means the enamel on your teeth is weakened. Enamel protects your teeth, and if it isn’t very strong, then it can’t protect as well. Your teeth will be more susceptible to decay and damage.

What Causes Soft Teeth?

Acid reflux
When stomach acid comes up your throat, it can create an acidic environment inside your mouth. The acid erodes the enamel on your teeth, weakening it and sometimes creating spots where there is no enamel at all.

Childhood illnesses
A high fever during childhood can negatively affect your teeth’s ability to remineralize themselves. The fewer minerals absorbed by teeth during the developmental stage, the weaker the enamel.

Diets high in sugar or acid cause your teeth’s enamel to erode faster. If you are frequently eating sugary foods or drinking acidic drinks, you are setting your mouth up for problems. A good diet for your teeth consists of plenty of water, fruits and vegetables, and cheese.

Bacteria and infections
When you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, bacteria builds up in your mouth. This bacteria produces acid, which eats away at the enamel on your teeth. You could also get infections in your mouth, which spread and cause damage to your teeth and gums. The best way to prevent bacteria buildup is to practice good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss regularly, and keep going to your twice-yearly dental checkups.

Bad bacteria can also be passed from mouth to mouth through cross-contamination. Try not to share cups and eating utensils with other people. Do not share toothbrushes, either.

Tooth Trauma
An injury that breaks or chips a tooth can affect the enamel on that tooth. Even if you get your tooth repaired, the enamel may still be weakened due to the previous trauma.

Soft Teeth Correction

How Today’s Dental Can Treat Soft Teeth

You don’t have to live with soft teeth. It might take extra effort for you to keep your teeth strong and healthy, but you shouldn’t feel like you were born to have soft teeth.

Your dentist in Omaha can help you strengthen your teeth in a number of ways.

Proper Oral Hygiene Education

When you come in for a regular dental exam and cleaning, we will spend some time educating you on the condition of your teeth and the best methods to keep them healthy and strong. This may include brushing and flossing techniques, advice concerning your toothpaste, and what foods and drinks to avoid. Children who come in for a dental checkup will be encouraged to establish a daily dental hygiene routine. Parents of very young children can help their child’s teeth by not allowing them to use a pacifier or suck on a bottle at night.

We educate you on soft teeth prevention, so you have tangible ways to improve your dental care routine for stronger teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay. We usually ask if it’s okay to give you a fluoride treatment during your regular dental checkup. These treatments are quick, easy, and safe, and they do a lot of good to your teeth.

Restorative Dentistry

If you have a dental problem, such as a cavity, it’s important to get it fixed sooner rather than later. Dental problems do not normally fix themselves, and if they are left untreated, they could worsen or spread to other parts of your mouth. Today’s Dental helps restore your teeth, so you can enjoy stronger, healthier teeth.
In some cases, your soft tooth or teeth may need extra attention and protection.

We can cover vulnerable teeth with dental crowns, protect them with veneers, and even replace teeth that are not fixable with dental implants.

How Today’s Dental Can Help with Malocclusion

Regular dental checkups are very important in the treatment of malocclusion. The sooner they are identified, the sooner your dentist or orthodontist can come up with a treatment plan. Treatments for malocclusion are most often performed in older children who have all their permanent teeth, but they are not limited to children. Many adults benefit from orthodontic treatments, too. They may be self-conscious about their crooked teeth, or they are fixing a problem that never got treated when they were younger.

Clear Aligner Trays

Today’s Dental offers Invisalign® clear aligner trays to patients with misaligned teeth. These removable trays are shaped to fit your teeth. You wear the trays in a certain succession, and over time, the trays gently move your teeth into correct alignment. Unlike braces, they can be removed when you eat or drink.

Why Today’s Dental is the Expert for Soft Teeth Treatment

We are trained dental professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to recognize soft teeth, determine the cause of the weakened enamel, and treat any issues that are present. We care about each patient’s dental health and how it affects the entire mouth and body. It’s our goal to help you improve your oral health, so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle in general.

“Today’s Dental has been taking care of myself and my family for the last several years. Everything has always gone well… whether it’s setting an appointment for a check-up, a question about billing/insurance, or a small dental emergency. Judy at the front desk and everyone at the office is always helpful and pleasant. I definitely recommend Today’s Dental.”

James W.

“Anytime I go to Today’s Dental, it’s always a great experience. They are very knowledgeable and seem to solve every problem they might come up with. I’ve been going there for the last 25 years and don’t plan on going anywhere else.”

Tim B

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