Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Gums

3 Reasons Why We Love Omaha

Check out our blog post to discover 3 reasons why we love Omaha! We are incredibly proud of our city and its residents. Our team has been helping Omaha smile for 30+ years. We would be thrilled if your family joined our dental family.

What Happens If I Leave a Cavity Untreated?

Read our blog post to learn about what might happen if you skip out on your regular dental checkup and your cavities are left untreated. If you haven’t been to see us in the past 6 months, schedule an appointment ASAP to protect your oral health. Contact our Millard, Tranquility Park, or Elkhorn dental practice today!

Are Good Teeth Genetic?

When it comes to your teeth, you may be wondering how much of their healthiness and appearance is because of genetics and how much is something you can control. Read our blog post to find out whether or not having good teeth is genetic. More questions? Contact us!

How Teeth Change As You Age

Having our bodies change is an unavoidable part of getting older—and that includes our teeth and gums. On our blog post, we over the different ways your mouth can change as you age. Read on to learn more and contact us with any dental health questions!

When Our Patients Are Happy, We Are Happy.

We do all we can to make your dental experience a rewarding one. At Today’s Dental, we work with you as a team to plan treatments that meet your goals and leave you smiling. After all, we want your life to be full of happy and carefree smiles that you can be proud of. We look forward to working with you!

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