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Man With Alzheimer’s Disease Brushing Teeth

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dental Health

Explore the link between oral health and Alzheimer's in our latest article. Learn how dental care might influence Alzheimer's risk and management.
Woman Dealing With Tooth Pain

How to Help Tooth Pain

Struggling with tooth pain? Discover common causes and effective relief methods, from dental treatments to home remedies, in our latest blog.
Close Up Of Healthy Canine Teeth Human Teeth Numbers How Many Teeth Should You Have How Big Is A Human Tooth Molar Teeth Child'S Baby Teeth How Many Teeth Do Kids Have How Many Teeth Do We Gave How Many Teeth Without Wisdom How Many Teeth Without Wisdom Teeth Gigi Seri Gigi Taring Oleh Sebab Itu Apa Itu Gigi Seri

Unlocking the Secrets of the Human Mouth: How Many Teeth Do Humans Have?

Curious about the mysteries of your mouth? Dive into the world of human teeth, from the first baby tooth to the enigmatic wisdom teeth. Discover why we have 32 adult teeth, each with a unique function, from slicing and dicing to grinding and chewing. Our teeth are not just tools for eating; they're a window into our evolutionary history and individual identity. Unearth the secrets of enamel, the hardest part of our body, and learn why teeth are as unique as fingerprints. Ready for a dental deep dive? Brush up on your tooth truths here!
Person Suffering From A Cracked Or Chipped Tooth Bottom Front Teeth Chipping Inside Broken Teeth Due To Cavity Chipped Tooth Causes Chipped Teeth Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Broken Or Chipped Tooth Cracked Teeth Chipped Tooth Hurts My Tooth Broke And It Hurts Sharp Tooth Cutting Tongue Reddit Tooth Broke In Half Black Inside Back Teeth Chipping Away Dental Crown Gum Line Broken Tooth Pain Root Canal Tooth Broke Tooth Break Broken Tooth Throbbing Chipped Wisdom Tooth No Pain Tooth Decayed And Broken Broken Tooth Repair Remaining Tooth Prevent Broken Teeth Front Teeth Chipping At Bottom Broken Tooth Turning Black How To Fix Crack Teeth Part Of Decayed Tooth Fell Out Piece Of Tooth Came Off Piece Of Tooth Fell Off Back Tooth Fell Out No Pain Missing Tooth Tooth Root Tooth Nerve Dead Teeth Busted Teeth My Teeth Are Breaking Into Pieces Teeth Cracking Temporary Fix For Cracked Tooth Broken Tooth Brown Inside Broken Tooth Hurting Tongue Busted Tooth Dental Filling Tooth Extraction Root Canal Treatment Called Intrinsic Tooth Stains Tooth Loses Intrinsic Tooth Stains Silver Amalgam

Best Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Experiencing tooth sensitivity can be a jarring ordeal, yet understanding its causes and solutions is your first step towards relief. Our recent post delves into the various triggers of sensitive teeth, from enamel erosion due to dietary choices, to gum recession and tooth decay. We further explore an array of treatments, ranging from simple practices like using desensitizing toothpaste to dental procedures such as root canals and veneers. Whether your sensitivity is a fleeting issue or a persistent hindrance, a consultation with your dentist can pave the way for a comfortable, pain-free smile. Get to the root of your tooth sensitivity and discover a world of solutions awaiting you.
Smokers Teeth And Gum Disease Begins On Your First Cig

Smokers Teeth: The Untold Story of Tobacco and Oral Health

Desiring a brighter smile? Understand the silent impact of smoking on your oral health. From nicotine-induced yellow stains to more severe discolorations and beyond the cosmetic concerns, discover the increased risks of gum diseases, oral cancers, and more. Fortunately, damage can be reversed. Dive into our article to learn how professional dental treatments and daily care can pave the way to healthier teeth. Remember, every step away from smoking is a leap towards a radiant smile and a healthier life.
Cerec Crown On Dentist'S Fingertip

Ten Things to Know About CEREC Crowns

Are you considering a dental crown? Dive into the world of CEREC Crowns – a revolutionary "same-day crown" technology available at Today's Dental. With a blend of durability and aesthetics, CEREC Crowns save you time, match your natural teeth seamlessly, and ensure maximum comfort. No more multiple visits or uncomfortable impressions! Discover if this innovative solution is your best fit for a confident smile.
Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic Disease

Suffering from a mysterious toothache or sensitivity? Dive into the world of endodontic diseases, where problems lurk within the tooth's center or its root canal. This article delves deep into the significance of tooth pulp, what happens when it's infected, and the life-saving treatments like the common root canal. Recognize the signs early and understand when it's time to call an endodontist – your tooth's specialist. Pain in your mouth is a call to action; make your dental health a priority today.
Child Tongue Tie

Curing Tongue Thrust: Pathways for Children and Adults

Unravel the hidden impacts of tongue thrusting on both children and adults. Often overlooked, this common behavioral pattern can disrupt speech, dental alignment, and overall well-being. Dive deep into the causes, symptoms, and the journey towards overcoming it. Whether you're a concerned parent or an adult facing these challenges, understanding tongue thrust is essential for a healthier oral future. Embrace the path to clarity, alignment, and confidence. Dive in now!

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Do you have an oral health topic you’d like one of our experts to discuss? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Complete this contact form and include your topic suggestion in the question/comments section.

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