Famous People with Dentures

Famous People with Dentures

Check out our blog post to learn about well-known individuals that have achieved a beautiful smile using dentures. We can restore your smile to full beauty and function with dentures or dental implants. Contact us for more information about our restorative dentistry treatments.

5 Ways to Get Your Children Excited About Brushing

Both kids and grown-ups need daily at-home oral care. Read our blog post for tips that will make dental hygiene more enjoyable for any of your kiddos that are reluctant brushers! Ask our team for additional tricks to keep your family’s oral health in tip-top shape.

Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

Read our blog post to learn about baby teeth: why we have them, why they fall out, and why it’s absolutely critical to care for them. These temporary teeth play an important role in your child’s developing mouth. Is it time for your little one to visit us to check up on the health of their baby teeth? Schedule appointments for your entire family by contacting one of our offices today.

3 Reasons Why We Love Omaha

Check out our blog post to discover 3 reasons why we love Omaha! We are incredibly proud of our city and its residents. Our team has been helping Omaha smile for 30+ years. We would be thrilled if your family joined our dental family.

When Our Patients Are Happy, We Are Happy.

We do all we can to make your dental experience a rewarding one. At Today’s Dental, we work with you as a team to plan treatments that meet your goals and leave you smiling. After all, we want your life to be full of happy and carefree smiles that you can be proud of. We look forward to working with you!

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