Are Good Teeth Genetic?

Are Good Teeth Genetic?

No one wants to have bad teeth or poor dental health. But how much of our oral health is determined by genetics, and how much is determined by our own actions? Can we blame genetics for everything? Or is how we take care of our teeth all that matters? The truth is, it’s a mix … Continued

How Teeth Change As You Age

We all know that our bodies change as we age, but have you ever wondered how exactly our mouth changes as we get older? As dental professionals, we can’t help but think about it! Here are some important ways that our teeth and gums change as we grow older. Shrinking Nerves As you age, the … Continued

Does Water Flossing Work?

We know we’re supposed to floss every day, but the truth is that many people find traditional flossing a hassle. Just think about how many times you’ve dreaded your dentist asking you how often you floss! While the thought of using dental floss or thread may seem like a chore (or a bore) there’s another … Continued

Alleviate Anxiety With Dental Sedation

Do you hate going to the dentist? You might suffer from dental anxiety, an increasingly common condition. To determine whether or not you have dental anxiety, see if any of the following statements are true: You have panic attacks when you think about visiting the dentist or entering the dentist’s office. You have always hated … Continued

Are Electric Toothbrushes Really Better?

You’ve seen those commercials about fancy electric toothbrushes rapidly removing plaque from teeth. But do they really work better than manual toothbrushes? What Is an Electric Toothbrush? Electric toothbrushes are chargeable toothbrushes that essentially do the brushing for you. They’re similar to the tools your dental hygienist uses to polish your teeth. Electric toothbrushes come … Continued

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