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5 kids, boys and girls, looking down into the camera smiling on a sunny day

It can be tough just to get your child to go to bed, much less brush their teeth. But it’s critical that children keep up with their daily dental hygiene just the same as adults. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! If you are having trouble in this area, here are 5 easy ways to get your child excited about brushing their teeth.

  • Find the Right Toothbrush


Make sure that the bristles on the toothbrush are soft enough for your child. Bristles that are too hard could be irritating their gums, causing them to avoid brushing. Also, let your child pick out a toothbrush with a fun design or their favorite movie character. They will be more likely to want to use it. For kids who are incredibly reluctant brushers, or who have difficulty maneuvering a manual toothbrush, consider investing in an electric toothbrush. There are many kid-friendly electric brushes that light up and even change color!

  • Stick to a Daily Routine


After a long day of parenting, helping with homework, grocery shopping, folding laundry, walking the dog, and making dinner, it can be easy for us to let our kids skip out on a brushing every once in a while. However, this a terrible habit that does your child a disservice! Stick to a firm routine with your children so daily dental hygiene becomes second nature to them and to you.

  • Use a Reward System


Kids absolutely love being rewarded for their excellent behavior. Consider rewarding your children for brushing their teeth! A fun and easy way you can do this is by getting a calendar and stickers. Every day that they brush their teeth, let your child place their sticker on the calendar day. Once the month is completely filled up, reward them with a new toy, an allowance, a special outing, etc. Just try to stay away from candy and sweet treats as a prize.

  • Set a Good Example


Children look up to us a lot more than you may think. They tend to mimic our every little move. So why not let them mimic our own tooth brushing routine? You could even make it a family affair! Have everyone join in on the fun by brushing their teeth together.

  • Teach with Videos


What kid isn’t begging to watch videos on your phone? Use this to your advantage! Create a playlist of YouTube videos that encourage your children to brush their teeth and eat healthy foods.

Regular dental checkups are important too!