Five Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

Five Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

A smile goes a long way; you smile to show kindness and to express your own personal joy. But when your teeth don’t quite have that million dollar shine, you find yourself holding back. Maybe it’s your coffee addiction that has darkened your teeth over time, or perhaps you’re just seeking out an alternative to expensive whitening products, but whatever sparked your desire for a naturally remedy, here are five healthy foods to get the job done.


An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away. Its crunchy surface works as a natural tooth scrub, it diminishes bad breath, and increases saliva production which assists in removing stains from teeth.


Another delicious fruit that works like a mouthwash! Eating tart fruits puts your saliva glands in overdrive, creating that mouth-watering effect which ultimately works to help clean your teeth.


Yet another reason to rave about the wonders of eating yogurt! The proteins and lactic acid it contains work to protect teeth against decay and harmful acids that cause cavities.


This delicious green has many benefits for your teeth. Not only does it assist in cleaning and polishing your smile, the fiber in broccoli reduces mouth inflammation and the iron it contains works to protect your enamel.


Containing an enzyme called malic acid, strawberries are an awesome way to whiten teeth and be healthy. But going beyond consumption, they actually are more beneficial when mashed up and applied to teeth for about five minutes, followed by rinsing and brushing.

Don’t hide your smile any longer! Engage in a journey to naturally whiter teeth and let the world see your smile shine.

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