Omaha Nebraska

3 Reasons Why We Love Omaha

In an interview with Associated Press, Warren Buffet once said, “I can’t think of a better place to live than Omaha”. With the city’s rich history in jazz and blues and its beautiful prairies, we find it hard to disagree with the billionaire mogul. Here are 3 reasons why we absolutely adore this city:

  • Big City Benefits, Small-Town Charm

Omaha sits on that sweet spot of offering the advantages of a big city while maintaining a small-town vibe that you simply won’t be able to resist. With its cobblestone streets, the Old Market district has all the shops and galleries that keeps a city flourishing but sans the stress of heavy traffic and overwhelming crowds. The easy access to parking and public transportation allows for anyone to get to places without breaking a sweat, and friendly locals are sure to help you out if on the off chance you do get lost. If you’re looking to stray from the fast-paced city life but still claim the benefits of an urban setting, Omaha might be just what you’re searching for!

  • Bustling Music & Art Scene

From indie rock to jazz and blues, the music scene is wide-ranging with many festivals celebrating both up-and-coming and headlining musicians. A string of live performances is readily available for the ultimate entertainment. And if your love of music bleeds into your love of art, you’ll be in awe of the public art displayed throughout the city, along with the galleries, museums, and warehouses devoted to housing all sorts of local art.

  • Farmers Markets

The state of Nebraska is well known for its agriculture, so it’s no surprise that the residents of Omaha are proud patrons of farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants. From fresh produce and baked treats to flowers and crafts, you can expect to find locally grown and made goods. If you’re ever in the area, a visit to the Omaha Farmers Market, which dates back 100 years, is a must!

At Today’s Dental, we have so much pride in our city and its residents. We are even more devoted to protecting our community’s oral health. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, give us a call at one of our locations around the Omaha area!

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