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Everything You Need to Know About Text-A-Dentist

Have you ever wondered if there is a better option than going to the dentist if all you need is a quick recommendation or answer to a question?

Many types of telemedicine have begun to be implemented throughout the country in recent months as an alternative to in-person visits, and Today’s Dental is also exploring ways to help increase the convenience and safety of our patients this fall. Our new Text-A-Dentist program is just what it sounds like: simply send one of our dentists a text message with a description of the problem you are experiencing if you aren’t sure if you need to be seen immediately.

By providing this service for our patients, we can answer your questions and give you tips for temporary pain management without leaving home, which helps us improve our ability to offer both routine appointments and emergency dentistry services during this challenging time.

How To Get Started With Text-A-Dentist

Getting started with using our new teledentistry service is as easy as sending one of our participating dentists a text message.

Simply provide a bit of basic information to let your dentist know who you are and what you need assistance with, and he or she will respond to your message as soon as possible. Be sure to include your name, preferred phone number, and a description of your symptoms in your initial text, and let us know if you have any allergies and whether you are a current Today’s Dental patient. Sending pictures can also be very helpful for us if you are able to!

Text-A-Dentist Offers Quick and Convenient Assistance

Our initial teledentistry consultations are free, which means that you can feel confident in your decision to text us for advice instead of coming into our offices for a consultation. We have blocked off specific times for emergency appointments that are different from our regular hours, so getting in touch with us from home to discuss possible next steps before coming in helps us provide a safe and convenient experience for all of our patients.

Many injuries and other emergencies can be treated with remedies that you probably already have in your home to help you manage pain or other discomfort until we are able to get you into our office. By texting us as soon as you are injured or begin experiencing symptoms, we can provide you with recommendations for temporarily taking care of your problem at home if it does not require an immediate appointment.

At Today’s Dental, we care about helping patients throughout the Omaha area maintain excellent oral health during challenging times. Although restrictions in our area have caused us to make certain changes to our policies and day-to-day operations, we have also used them to our patients’ advantage as a starting point for launching new options to increase your convenience both now and in the future. Contact us to learn more about our current services or text one of our friendly and helpful dentists to start your free consultation!

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