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We Are Still Here For Your Dental Needs

Don’t let a small pain now turn into a bigger pain later!  Simply start with a text to one of our text-a-dentists. We are seeing patients for urgent care needs.  See below for a list of emergency and urgent dental needs.

Text our Emergency Text-A-Dentist:

Millard Doctors
Brent Rising 402-282-0516
Sarah Meyer 402-285-2627
Collin Schoeppner 402-235-8182
Elkhorn Doctors
Courtney Molettiere 402-235-6878
Heather Thorson 402-885-9383
Tranquility Park
David Masters 402-249-2481
Melissa Nensel 402-302-0628
Kelley Carlson 402-277-8174
Richard Whitman 402-302-0784

John Marcuzzo 402-577-0539
Tailor Truman 402-431-2448


Dental Emergency and Urgent Dental Care Flow Chart

Dental Emergency


Active Infection

Uncontrolled Bleeding

Dental Trauma Involving the Bone

Urgent Dental Care

Sever Pain

Dry Socket

Abscess Causing Pain/Swelling

Tooth Fracture with Pain

Dental Work Required for Critical Medical Procedures

Final Crown/Bridge Cementing if Temporary has Come Off

Cavities Causing Pain

Root Canals for Pain/Infection in Symptomatic Patients

Fillings to Relieve Pain/Infection in Symptomatic Patients

Denture Adjustments Where Pain/Function is Impeded

Non-Emergency, Non-Urgent

Exams, Xrays, Cleanings


Extractions of Non-symptomatic Teeth

Crowns, Fillings, Implants Where No Pain Exists

Dentures, Partials

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