It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not that season, Back-to-School season! New clothes, new school supplies, new lunchboxes, new dental habits… Yes, sending kids to school with good dental habits is just as important back-to-school booster shots and here are some ways to get on board with healthy teeth.

Let’s do lunch.

Trendy bento boxes are a fun way to pack a smorgasbord of good, healthy-for-teeth foods. Pack such foods as little chunks of cheese, dollops of Greek yogurt or hummus, bite-size portions of crunchy vegetables and fruits, lean meats, and tree nuts, which the American Dental Association says is not only full of protein and minerals but can actually curb tooth decay. For more healthy lunch ideas click here

Water is wonderful.

Avoid packing sugary drinks or “healthy” fruit beverages that have added sugar as these contribute to tooth decay. A reusable water bottle filled with ice and water is the best way to drink toward good dental habits.

Pack a magic wand!

Teach your child how to use a single-use floss pick or wand. Add it to their lunch bag and encourage them to use it on the way out to the playground after lunch.

Make a date with the dentist.

According to College Station dentist Dr. Kaiser, the weeks before a new school year are the perfect time to come in for a checkup. In a recent interview on KBTX, Dr. Curt Kaiser said, “There is free time; it doesn’t interrupt the school schedule and kids don’t have to miss information in class.”  Dentists in the Omaha area’s premier dental clinics, Today’s Dental, are also eager to help your family get their checkups before the tardy bell rings this year.

When making your back-to-school list and checking it twice, make sure your youngsters are mentally and “dentally” prepared this year.