Dental Emergency Texting A Dentist

In case of emergency – Text-A-Dentist.

What happens when your son breaks his two front teeth diving into a pool at his graduation party or you worry that your baby has an infection on his gums or you’ve been deployed to Afghanistan, but you haven’t completed your Invisalign treatment? What if it happens in the evening, on a weekend, or in the midst of a pandemic when dentist offices are closed? Get out your smartphone and use the Text-A-Dentist service from Today’s Dental.

Originally launched during the pandemic to ensure patients had access to the vital dental care and expertise of Today’s Dental dentists, Text-A-Dentist is exactly what the name implies. Patients text the dentist with the details of their dental issue and provide photos, if possible. Your Today’s Dental dentist reviews the text to quickly triage the situation for the best possible outcome for the patient. 

Secure technology to ensure privacy. 

The Text-A-Dentist teledentistry service utilizes a secure phone technology and is HIPAA compliant for patient privacy. For anyone needing after-hours care, it offers access expert attention and advice to put your mind at ease or to put a plan of care into action.

A simple process for solving problems.

In the case of the two broken teeth, that meant such rapid response that the front teeth could be repaired, without root canalsand without preventing the patient from other graduation weekend festivities. For the new mom, it meant the relief of knowing the baby’s gum infection was a teething blister over a new tooth that could be cleaned away. And for the service member it meant ongoing care to keep him on track with his Invisalign, regardless of his location halfway around the world. 

Benefits beyond borders.

With more and more people using Today’s Dental Text-A-Dentist, the dentists are discovering addition ways to use this technology to enhance services to those in need. In fact, the teledentistry service is currently being used to help evaluate and triage children’s teeth in Rwanda, so that the medical team on site can address the issues as needed.  

To learn more about Text-A-Dentist from Today’s Dental, click here for a list of our dentists and phone numbers, along with details on information to include in your text, and a list of emergency and urgent dental issues. You can also schedule an  or call 402-333-1120. 

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