How Oral Health Impacts Your Immune System

How Oral Health Impacts Your Immune System

Your oral health and immune system go hand in hand. Our mouth is a gateway into our body and it does its best to fight off anything that compromises our well-being. But if oral hygiene is left unchecked, it can have dire consequences on the body. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, as well as gum disease … Continued

Bleeding Gums? Learn More About Gum Disease in Omaha

Brushing your teeth is such an automatic task that we sometimes go into autopilot mode during this part of our daily routine. You grab your toothbrush, dot on toothpaste, and begin the brushing motions that have been ingrained since childhood. Perhaps your mind even begins to drift, thinking about what the day’s plans are or … Continued

How to Clean Your Baby’s Teeth & Gums

Today’s Dental cares about the oral health of every member of your family. Read our blog post for tips to properly care for your child’s teeth from infancy to toddlerhood. Contact us to schedule your baby’s first checkup within six months of when their first tooth emerges!

5 Ways to Get Your Children Excited About Brushing

Both kids and grown-ups need daily at-home oral care. Read our blog post for tips that will make dental hygiene more enjoyable for any of your kiddos that are reluctant brushers! Ask our team for additional tricks to keep your family’s oral health in tip-top shape.