What You Need to Know About Our Smile Care Plan

What You Need to Know About Our Smile Care Plan

If you’re looking for a dental insurance plan that won’t put a damper on your budget – consider the Smile Care Plan from Today’s Dental. Our experienced dental professionals have been helping Omaha smile for over three decades. We provide the exceptional, family-friendly service that will keep your oral health in tip-top condition.

Alleviate Anxiety with Dental Sedation

Do you hate going to the dentist? You might suffer from dental anxiety, an increasingly common condition. To determine whether or not you have dental anxiety, see if any of the following statements are true: You have panic attacks when you think about visiting the dentist or entering the dentist’s office. You have always hated … Continued

All About Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety can hold you back from having a healthy smile, but there’s no need to fear the dental chair. At Today’s Dental, we offer a variety of dental sedation options to help you feel at ease during your procedure when our blankets and aromatherapy don’t quite do the trick. Types of Dental Sedation Nitrous … Continued