Interesting Teeth and Dentistry Facts That Will Surprise You

The Right Foods to Improve Your Dental Health

Do apples keep the doctor AND dentist away? How about dark chocolate? Does that have an effect on your teeth as well? The truth is that the foods you consume can have a definite impact on your dental health, so it pays to watch what you eat. Here’s what we mean.

How Long Does It Take a Cavity to Form?

There is a constant battle taking place in your mouth. One one side, we have the bad bacteria in your mouth that live to feed on food residue containing your dietary sugar and starches. But on the other side you have our whole team at Today’s Dental and your own oral hygiene routine to combat … Continued

Why Do Humans Have Weak Teeth?

Read our blog post to learn how evolutionary changes and our modern-day diet have contributed to humans’ dental issues. Fortunately, Today’s Dental can help you have superb oral health. Contact us for tips to have a healthy smile!

Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

Read our blog post to learn about baby teeth: why we have them, why they fall out, and why it’s absolutely critical to care for them. These temporary teeth play an important role in your child’s developing mouth. Is it time for your little one to visit us to check up on the health of their baby teeth? Schedule appointments for your entire family by contacting one of our offices today.

Are Good Teeth Genetic?

When it comes to your teeth, you may be wondering how much of their healthiness and appearance is because of genetics and how much is something you can control. Read our blog post to find out whether or not having good teeth is genetic. More questions? Contact us!