Centralized Support Services

At Today’s Dental, we believe in providing exceptional care not only to our valued patients but also to our dedicated dental team. We understand that running a dental practice involves more than just treating patients. That’s why we offer our six locations in Omaha and Fremont the benefit of our Centralized Support Services.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At the heart of our operations is the Centralized Support Team, dedicated to assisting the Today’s Dental Team across all six locations. We believe that thorough and reliable support allows our teams to focus on what they excel at – delivering exceptional dental care to our community.

Centralized Support Team

Our Services

The range of Centralized Support Services we offer is extensive, each designed to enhance the efficiency and success of our dental teams. Below are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Dentist Oversight & Education

    We provide valuable oversight and clinical direction to ensure that our dental team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques. By investing in the ongoing education of our dentists, we can guarantee high-quality care for our patients.

  • Credentialing

    Our team will help navigate the complex process of credentialing, ensuring that our dental teams are properly recognized and approved by insurance companies, professional organizations, and regulatory bodies.

  • Human Resources

    We understand the importance of building a strong and cohesive team. Our HR services provide guidance and support in areas such as employee recruitment, onboarding, training, and compliance with labor regulations.

  • Financial

    Our financial services are designed to help our dental teams effectively manage their budgets, forecast future expenses, and analyze profitability. We also provide guidance on asset management, risk assessment, and cash flow forecasting to support the long-term success of our practices.

  • Operations

    Our dedicated team handles patient billing, verification of dental benefits, and claim submission. We also assist with claim disputes and resubmissions, ensuring that our teams receive the full reimbursement they deserve. Additionally, we offer support in improving the overall form and function of your practice, enhancing its operating effectiveness.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing services are tailored to promote the practice and attract new patients. From developing comprehensive marketing strategies to executing digital and traditional marketing campaigns, we ensure that the practice has a strong online presence and resonates with the target audience.

Lead Support Team

Partnering with Today’s Dental Centralized Support Services

By choosing Today’s Dental, you are not just finding a dental practice to call home – you are joining a community that places your office’s success and the wellbeing of you at the forefront. Our experienced team is passionate about helping each of our offices thrive by providing the necessary support and expertise they need to flourish. Together, we’re building a successful dental practice that makes a difference in the lives of our patients.

Are You Worried About Payment?

There’s no need to be. With our low-cost dental plan, you don’t need to worry about preventative dental care or how you’re going to pay for those unexpected emergencies. We offer a variety of payment options to put your financial worries at ease.

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